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Many of us by now have read material about the great galactic alignment or have seen YouTube videos and documentaries about this cosmic phenomenon. The idea of the Earth solar system entering the high energy zone of the Milky Way Galaxy plane was even made into a major Hollywood blockbuster film "2012". Unfortunately, anytime a UFO or ET concept is turned into a film script and green lighted for production, the original, fragile theory is trivialized and reality muddied leaving the general population in a state of mind, believing it was all just science fiction controversy originating from some film. In this case however, the event would obviously be so overwhelming and grand, there would be no mistaking the reality of the situation, no matter how many times the subject has been tampered with via mainstream media. 

So what is the deal? Is this Great Galactic Alignment controversy real or just another eye candy theory spawning off the mother ship of 2012 and the Mayan calendar theory popularity? The Object Report over the last few years has posted many links on the galactic center controversy, so the Agents are aware that there are in-depth articles on the subject of the galactic alignment which go into great detail, so for this Object Special Report I would like to take a couple of steps back, analyze where we stand at this moment, literally speaking, and determine what the most recent data snap shot indicates.

What is the galactic alignment? There are many shapes, sizes and configurations of galaxies in our universe. Our galaxy is  of the barred spiral galaxy classification and likely contains at minimum 100 billion planets among its 1 trillion stars. This is a staggering number but even more mind blowing is the reality that there are trillions more galaxies in the visible Universe, each galaxy with an equal number of stars and planets and there are likely an infinite number of Universes in the infinity matrix. Aside from staggering numbers - the most pressing aspect of the shape of our galaxy is the fact that our Milky Way galaxy is flat, so all of the light, gravity, mass and quantum energy contained in our Milky Way is in general spread out across the disc in a rather tight, narrow beam akin to the energy coming from a spinning airport traffic control radar dish. The focused beams from a lighthouse on the ocean would be another good analogy with extra-dimensional (quantum) energy being emitted/absorbed from the center of our Milky Way galaxy - possibly originating from a central, super-massive black hole. There is also the energy and mass of the stars which makeup the galaxy body - and there are countless black-holes spread out along the disk in addition to the super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is important to also note here that when we mentally visualize our galaxy we are conceptualizing an impossibly large construct with evolutionary brain horsepower that has fine tuned around visual objects and an organic understanding of 3D space with concepts such as mass, momentum, acceleration, temperature - yet there is more beyond living human senses, that affects us. Quantum phenomenon cannot readily be visualized with organs, humans do however have the ability with their unique conscious intelligence to, in a way, visualize the quantum phenomenon realm as well. When dealing with quanta or more broadly expressed, quantum phenomenon - we have the impossibly simple concept of waves and thresholds. Everything in existence is made solely from thresholds and interference patterns within eternal, primordial waves. Threshold is magical in quantum phenomenon for it bridges together the light speed physical 3D world with the magical unseen world of instant and infinite. Earth's long-count trajectory and galactic alignment combine two mega-concepts together when the 3D shape of our galactic energy-band and the Earth's position within it, impact with the ultra-concept of quanta, in which galactic energy rises directly affect established quantum thresholds in our local space. Quanta events can be almost binary in nature, you either have the energy or you do not. What if we have been lacking a certain level of local space quantum-energy, in which the Earth swims? What if our local quadrant and local torsion field take on board more energy and thresholds are broken in an instant?

Multi-dimensional energy originating from this ultra-massive black hole and from the central region of the galaxy in general is most dense in the middle of the flat aspect of our galaxy, as the graphic at top roughly demonstrates. The Earth and other stars in our quadrant are once again in a natural motion, drifting into this high energy zone. This controversial cycle of our local solar  quadrant drifting in and out of this galactic alignment middle zone, or high density zone, seems to happen roughly every 25,000 years. It is a natural motion within complex galaxies, but when living beings with quantum minds are scurrying around on the crust of one of the planets at just the right time as it enters the alignment zone, strange things happen to those beings (supposedly). What happens? That is the million dollar question everyone is in a flurry to figure out. The Earth aligning with the density zone of the galaxy and being influenced by extra gravity and light, in itself would not be that remarkable at first glance, however if we consider the quanta factor of this cosmic alignment and assume a super-massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is emitting the deepest quantum energy - it would be an entirely different issue. Do we have any proof whatsoever of a mysterious quantum energy factor in our Milky Way galaxy? Well, strangely enough, yes we do and it is called 'dark matter'. 

What is dark matter? Physicist at this moment are left speculating and most scientists suggest they do not know, but we have a good idea of what dark matter is and in fact, the escoteric data stream now coming through the human collective consciousness that is called the "internet" has a transmission in the form of KRYON, a quantum supreme being who has described verbally what dark matter is. KRYON roughly states that dark matter is instantaneous quantum energy from other, unseen dimensions and in fact our entire galaxy is locked together and rotates in one, interlinked-quantum-state. Knowing so very little about dark matter, perhaps it could be asked, why even bring up the subject if it is yet undefined? The enigma of dark matter is so great it represents the possibility for us to suggest this is instrumental physical evidence that points to a potentially esoteric nature of dark matter. The mere fact that scores of  scientists and astrophysicists cannot explain dark matter suggests they indeed cannot identify its nature because it is paranormal, or esoteric and we have not yet achieved instruments advanced and sensitive enough to help us understand energy outside of our dimensional constant. We can only observe reality at our light speed, another, nearby dimensional plane likely has another light speed constant (relative to ours if put side by side). 

What are the scenarios for the Earth entering a galactic sweet spot? Scenario one: nothing happens! Scenario two: the EIRM (Esoteric Internet Rumor Machine) indicates this great galactic alignment will result in a change of energy density of our local quadrant, our solar system. The energy change will be on a multi-dimensional level, again with the dominant source being that of the super-dense-mass at the center of our galaxy. It will be a period for humans in which the fundamental laws of physics will be ever so slightly altered and time and space itself will be affected. Because the human mind is quantum based and exists outside of space and time and mass, the great alignment likely represents a sort of "quantum-tunneling" whereby the physicality of our human existence will be brought closer to our eternal quantum aspect and we will be that much closer to what we call the 4th dimension, the supernatural, or the light body.

Do we have any proof of this supernatural transition happening now? Any proof something is cooking? Again, we swing around to same ole problem of elusive tangible proof. Running The Object Report, Agent K and I sometimes feel like the owners of a high-rise apartment building and we are perpetually stuck trying to collect rent from the tenets and they never pay up. We can hear the party and thumping bass behind the closed door, but if we knock to collect rent, there is never an answer, never tangible proof handed to us. It sounds hopeless, but many of us die hard Ufologists, including Agent K and myself, have had personal UFO sightings and esoteric experiences - so I know on an idiosyncratic level something is going on. I cannot prove it readily to you, but I know it in my own personal reality sphere. With all of these massive theories floating around, such as Grays, hybrid beings, abductions, disclosure, galactic alignment - it's all so huge at some point something has to give, the dam must burst and surely the proof comes spilling forth. We are still waiting on absolute physical proof, that is obvious. We do however, keep receiving these curious, mass-less neutrino-like packets of information from fresh sources. Recently we have begun posting several interviews with Corey Goode who talks at length about his experience in the organization we might refer loosely to as MILAB. Corey delves effortlessly into astounding detail regarding his experience in this ultra-secret organization but the gold is his knowledge base of the great-alignment phenomenon and the suggestion that ultra-advanced Avian Beings (Ra) have placed a cloaked grid around the solar system to buffer our entry into the high energy zone, to smooth things out as it were. This is all beyond ridiculous sounding, no... even Agent D has to admit it is absolutely impossible sounding. I love that it is impossible and ludicrous, because I would expect actual ET contact and cosmic revelations to occur in such a dramatic, mind blowing fashion - in a way that is bigger than our brains can absorb. Not only do we have Corey Good describing how our solar system has just been placed in a "lock-down" by supreme beings - we simultaneously have FLAWLESS, incoming bio-transmissions from trance-channelers such as Suzanna over at Universal Gateway which indicate supreme beings are disseminating to humans, some form of instructions on how to defend ourselves against mind control and self destruction during this hyper-space hoopla. I find it awfully coincidental that so many people are harping on about the same subject in such detail and intensity. The information is so profound, intense, and in some ways demanding, that I believe most readers simply tune-out and switch-off when they initially touch upon these articles and YouTube videos. As I stated before in previous blogger entries, I suspect many readers ignore these connect-the-dots facts because it simply does not agree with their preconceived notion of how ET-Human contact should unfold. I would crawl further out on the limb and say (nearly) all previous theories about disclosure or ET contact, have in themselves been a form of mind-control, to constantly keep people off the real trail, as it were. I'm not suggesting you should morph into some sort of "BELIEVER" or convert to particular wild theories, but I do suggest at a minimum simply be aware of subtle events around you and degausse the brain and shake off mass-cliche-expectations - even those originating from the established UFO community. 

This great alignment information has been repeated several times from the EIRM (pronounced "ugh,, ermmm") so we once again have this odd, repeating collusion of data that reinforces itself through its sheer repetition and refusal to die out. Obviously, if our quadrant, our local solar system, our Earth is slowly entering into a high energy zone of the great galactic disk center and it is a cycle that occurs every twenty five thousand years, it is certainly not an ET or supreme being created event - it is a natural, cosmic event. It is however, a quantum phenomenon which ultra-advanced beings who live outside of time and space (as we know it) would be aware of and it would make sense that the galactic alignment would serve as focal point in a cosmic calendar for ETs and supreme beings existing in higher dimensions to take advantage of. In a nutshell, they would know about it and know exactly when its going to occur and in what manner. Supreme beings would "see it coming from a mile away" so to speak, even if we humans are not aware or not fully understanding. Entry into a galactic alignment zone could serve a higher, supreme force in ways we cannot imagine yet, but we know that quantum phenomenon is the nature of this gateway. This mystical, enigmatic energy could be and likely will be a catalyst for future activity that will see enlightened humans given a quantum level ability to interact with higher dimensional beings in a way that would otherwise not be possible, until one has died and entered higher realms through death and the loss of their 3D body or physical mass. Taking this to its wildest speculation and potential - we could be entering hyperspace not in death, but in physical form as living, breathing beings perhaps in some sort of quasi-density format whereby we are alive and solid, yet can move more freely through time and space and interact with a greater multiverse. This is all ongoing and I predict events will increase in intensity and escalate to a point of ET/Galactic contact and transformation of the collective human mind either through the field itself or perhaps through means not yet imagined.

Agent D

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Image Credits:
Galactic Alignment by Agent D
ESO observatory milky way galaxy center by Yuri Beletsky
Black Hole, Wikipedia Commons, Alain R
Electron is a Wave, Gabriel LaFreniere
Corey Goode and David Wilcock on Gaiam TV
"V-Shaped UFO Night Sighting" by Agent D

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Allow me to once again remind you all that we never do insist that you do believe within these interactions that we are who we say we are because we say it. We cannot prove it at this timing, however the principle, the mechanics, the physics, the ideas that we share with you can prove themselves - but only in action. They sound very nice to the ears, but the action, the doing, the willingness to incorporate them as an action within your life is the only way that I can guarantee the results. So therefore, the guarantee is in full swing, but not simply because we are saying it, but because you are willing if it works for you, to use it. For again, anything we have to say is not better, even if it works for you than anything else from our perspective, but we offer it allowing you to choose freely to utilize it at any time and are thereby then willing to expand and discuss these ideas as you try them on, so to speak.

Allow us to then proceed with the main topic if you will for the evening, that being perhaps you can say, a slightly more in depth  discussion about what you label belief systems. Understand we have again discussed many times that you are all creation, you are all sparks of the infinite creation itself, what you call God, what we call All That Is. And All That Is, is in and of itself, a frequency a wavelength if you will - the primary frequency in the case of All That Is. You are also frequencies, perhaps you can say distortions, or shall we say, interpretations or filtered frequencies of the primary frequency. This is what creates you, in a sense, into physical being - the rate at which you vibrate - that is one of the ideas, that it creates your life around you. But also understand that we have discussed many time, that your personality is composed of beliefs, emotions and mentalities - and this is what allows you to function and create your life in a particular way.

Allow us this evening to elucidate a bit more clearly, a bit more precisely on the belief system leg of that prism. For understand, that within the vibration, the frequency of All That Is, and within the vibration, the signature vibration that you are - are your belief systems, and these too are vibratory frequencies - vibratory frequencies in this case of awareness. But, when you utilize those particular frequencies there are always corresponding results depending on which frequency you choose. So therefore perhaps you can say, your primary belief in life is the primary frequency through which you are choosing to explore at this time. As we have also discussed, vibration attracts like vibration, so therefore when you have an overall primary belief it attracts, so to speak, around it many other peripheral beliefs that are also of similar vibration, though slightly out of phase with the primary belief vibration. What this does, the effect of it, these beliefs which aggregate around the primary belief, is to literally lay down a background - a background over which the primary relief can then stand out in relief, in a sense you can understand that the background reinforces the primary belief and allows it, again by comparison, to stand out. 

Now, chronologically speaking, because you are in a world of timing you can say for the purposes particularly of this discussion, that the primary belief vibration comes first, and that the aggregate beliefs, so to speak, lag behind - or another way that we have sometimes shared this idea, is that the primary belief is the originating sound - whereas the aggregate beliefs that allow it to stand out in relief - are the echo. Now understand, when you change, truly change your primary belief - everything changes, as you say, across the board. Sometimes at first, because of the way you create the idea of transforming a bit at a time, there will be a similarity in the new background, as the old, some things that allow you to have it seem to be continuous - but it is, truly speaking so to speak, a different background altogether. We have used this analogy, you have a cube that is painted many different colors on each side of the cube if you will. There are two ways to look at changing the side, or one side of the cube - painting it perhaps a different color. One way to look at it, is that it's the same old cube with a slight face lift. One other way however, to look at it - is that it is now an entirely different cube by definition. So therefore, by extension you can choose to look at the background in that same way, either same background with a slight little change or understand that the whole background, the whole echo has changed. 

Now, we delineate this for the following reasons - we find in your society - individuals will begin to initiate a change within themselves, begin to take certain steps toward modifying their primary belief frequency, but every often will, as you say in your language - trip themselves up and perhaps seem to cancel the effect of the change and this occurs due to the following reasons. When you change your primary belief and the accompanying background belief, thereby extension changes, if you understand that everything has changed, then you are no longer willing to look at the feedback according to the old background, according to the echo itself. If in a sense, you change your primary belief but will only derive validation of change from the background, which again, lags behind is an echo - you then cancel out the change for you do not validate the change in the primary belief. You validate the seeming, shall we say, consistency of the background. What this translates out to is as follows - you can simply understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you change that primary belief - the background has entirely transformed. Again, it may present similar faces, similar styles of presentation at first - but it is your willingness to look for the differences in the background, that have you use the change in the primary frequency as your criteria rather than an old seeming background. Is this translating?

Alright, therefore when you institute change in your primary belief and something seems to come up which seems on the surface to negate that change - understand that, that is simply an interpretation using the old background. And if you feel, in your heart and heart that you have instituted a change and then see what seems to be an old effect - if you label it, here comes the old effect - you get that result. If you refuse to label it, here comes the old effect because you know that the old effect was an echo of the old belief - you can then give yourself the opportunity to look at the changes rather the consistency and thereby validate the background, or the echo, changing as well. When you validate with the echo of the old belief, you re-center yourself to the old primary belief. When you refuse to do that, you midwife the new belief firmly into your reality. Now again, this takes most suddenly the form of an action you always be extension act as if you believe it, so therefore, that is what creates the result in your life as if you believe it. Physically, being that you are physical beings exploring a physical world. So when you would seem to have made a change and see similar things happening the action that is reflective of the change is not being willing to use the old background. Your willingness to even look at what some of the other ideas are, and look at why it is different rather than the same - is the action, that in a sense, demonstrates to Universe that you truly believe the new belief. So therefore, it is a matter of attitude, it is a matter of point of view of perspective and of a willingness to not settle for anything less than the beliefs you now wish to have. It is very simple to change beliefs and we have discussed this many times, but only can you ever do so by first acknowledging the old un-preferred belief as the belief that has served up till now- validating that it has served you, even if the only reason that is serves you is to tell you, you could use a new belief right now. So therefore, you can find some service from it. And your willingness to simply refuse to allow evidence to provide you thinking that you did not change allows the change - for change is not something you can force or make - it is something that is automatic, it is the constant in creation. 

Change in a sense, is one of the only constants. So therefore, allowing that constant is quite simple, quite effortless. Forcing something to change, in that sense, is a paradox - you cannot force something to change and all the forcing may only make it seem to stay the same. So the attitude of allowance is an open, releasing, allowing attitude - a very light attitude, and that can be quite healthy in allowing you to let go of the things you do not prefer. Again understand, being that you cannot rid of it but simply transform its relevance to you. Now, this is what occurs when you assume a belief system. You assume the primary belief - the background congregates around that belief and then they form, in a sense, a type of glasses that you wear, in a sense, whereby you can now only see through that frequency, therefore you will only allow yourself to see things that are consistent with those beliefs and when you change the beliefs, in a sense, by analogy you change the prescription of those glasses and therefore perhaps you will need to squint a little bit at first to find the things you prefer within the new beliefs. But since they are new glasses, you will acclimate to them and it is a matter of that. Now again, you do not get rid of old beliefs - it is a matter of relativity so to speak. All beliefs are within you. However, when you choose to manifest, when you choose to embody a particular belief - it is then followed by the new background, and the new background will contain within it different relevance of the old ideas. When you choose one particular belief, the old belief is simply not relevant to the belief. It is still within you, it is still and always will be a choice - and this is your personal power, your ability to always have the choice, but what changes is the relative significance of the old belief. And we share that to again reinforce the idea that getting rid of something assumes there's somewhere to put it. And being that you are the Universe, there is no outside - there is no place to put it. Anywhere you quote unquote, put it, will be within you. So it is not a matter of getting rid of it, simply shifting its relevance to you - its relativity to what you are exploring. And the glasses of the belief simply, in a sense, filter out the relativity of the old beliefs. Is that clear?
Elan of Shakani

(via Andrew Bayuk)


Agent D

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Regarding the Secret Space Program...

By now many people have heard of the "secret space program" and "breakaway civilizations" from noted researchers and authors such as Joseph P. Farrell and Peter Levenda. Recently, we have gathered even more mind-blowing insider information about the extent of these ultra classified programs from brave whistleblowers such as Corey Goode and Randy Cramer (aka: Captain Kaye). When we combine the information we are now receiving from these individuals with known facts from a vast number of other sources in the Ufology field, we are able to form a much clearer picture of what might be happening beyond the boundary of Earths atmosphere.

First, let's take a brief look at what this "secret space program" consists of for those who might be uninitiated. Throughout history we the public have always been told that NASA is basically the pinnacle of space exploration--this is an abject lie. By now, almost everyone knows that the American space program began with "Operation Paperclip" at the end of the war, a program whereby all of Germany's top rocket scientists were brought to the US to serve under the direction of the US government and military research facilities, namely Los

Alamos Labs in New Mexico. The post-war years were a critical turning point in rocket science and advanced engineering, with the help of scientists like Werner Von Braun the US was able to develop everything from guided missiles to nuclear weapons. This massive influx of brainpower, technical skill and real world experience gave the Americans a critical edge on manned space flight over the Russians who had managed to put a satellite in orbit first. But this was merely the impetus of a much darker space program which the US military would soon start secretly funneling billions, and eventually trillions, of tax payer dollars into.


It wasn't just transplanted Nazi scientists that helped jumpstart the US space program. Recovered technology from crashed extraterrestrial craft raised the state-of-the-art to a level that was inconceivable at the time. The Roswell recovery put the US military 40 to 50 years ahead of where they were in 1947. In fact, the technology was so advanced that it had to be categorized and systematically distributed amongst various high-level research and development companies including Bell Labs, XEROX PARC and AT&T as well as aerospace companies like Lockheed, Northrop and General Dynamics. It was all too much for the military to study and reverse-engineer on their own, so they utilized these R&D companies to help achieve their goals quicker than they could on their own. Ex-military insiders such as Phillip J. Corso and ex-aerospace contractors like Don Phillips have described in detail the lengths to which the military went to duplicate this technology and incorporate it into advanced weapons programs throughout the 1950's and 60's. 

Don Phillips, Lockheed whistleblower
This timeframe saw a veritable explosion of technological advancements in everything from solid state electronics to aerospace design to advanced optics like thermal imaging. It was at this point that the powers that be--the 'Cabal' as I will refer to them--decided to split this space program down the middle. Half of it would step out into the 'white world' and become what we today know as the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) while the other half would slip into the 'black world' and form the foundation of what we now call the Secret Space Program (SSP). It is not fully understood how this all came about, we just know that it all began over 60 years ago and there has obviously been decades of advancement and development since then.



If there's one thing the US military knows how to do well, it's spend lots of money. Since the end of WW2 the US government has spent roughly 50 trillion dollars on defense projects with probably another 20 trillion in off-the-books 'black budget' programs, and these are conservative estimates. Most of that black budget money was used by the Cabal to fund one the greatest secrets in the history of mankind--a secret fleet of spacecraft which was utilized to establish the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) facility on the far side of the moon as well as a military-run colony on Mars. I know this all sounds fantastical, like something out of a science fiction novel, but when you look at the corroborating evidence and start putting pieces together from eyewitness testimony and ex-military whistleblowers like Goode, it starts to make rational sense. They say that anything is possible if you throw enough money at it, and this is a prime example of that mentality. 

The US government's approach of 'more is more' reminds me of a pivotal scene in one of my favorite movies, "Contact". At one point in the film S.R. Hadden, a billionaire akin to Robert Bigelow, is spending his final days aboard a space station in orbit when he contacts Ellie Arroway to let her know of the existence of a second 'Machine'. He says, "First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price? Only, this one can be kept secret. Controlled by Americans and built by Japanese subcontractors who, also, happen to be recently acquired, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Hadden industries." It is this same mentality that has allowed a conglomerate of defense contractors and 'black' arms of various international governments to build and maintain secret space stations and a fleet of spacecraft costing trillions of dollars. I realize this all sounds improbable and if I wasn't hearing myself say this I wouldn't believe it either, but the reality of the situation is that there IS a trail of money that all leads to the same place: a compartmentalized black hole that even the highest levels of government don't have access to.



So you might ask why bother to even create a civilian space agency in the first place? Distraction, misdirection and control, of course. NASA was--and still is--a convenient way for the Cabal to say "Hey everyone, look over there!" The space agency has purposely been hobbled and restricted in their movement since it's very inception. NASA was created with a grand purpose in mind, something a bit darker than the Disney-sheen sense of wonderment that we all associate with space exploration. It all began with fireworks, parades and waving flags. Sure, the Apollo program was globally recognized as an incredible achievement for the United States and Mankind itself, but it was all just sleight of hand. While the world was glued to their cathode ray tubes in riveted excitement about landing a man on the moon, the Cabal may have already been well underway with construction on a Lunar Base. Think about the magnitude of this for a moment: Humanity may have already had men on the moon before we put a man on the moon! Let that sink in for minute.

During the post-Apollo era NASA was given just enough money to continue their
Military spending 1962–2015 (inflation-adjusted
2011 dollars, from Wikipedia)
'white world' programs of interplanetary exploration. They were allowed to develop and build the Space Shuttle in 1980 with a 4.2 billion dollar budget approved by Congress. By comparison, the FY1980 military defense budget was 303.4 billion dollars not including the black budget. In 1997 NASA was allowed to kickstart construction of the International Space Station with a budget of 13.2 billion dollars, a paltry 4% of the 305 billion dollar FY1997 defense budget. Fastfoward to the present day and NASA is practically a laughing stock, it's the kid standing up in class to answer a question with a "kick me" post-it note stuck to his back. The agency is blissfully oblivious to the fact that it has been surpassed by classified military technology in every measurable way since it's very inception. Their FY2015 budget is 18.4 billion dollars while the FY2015 military defense budget is 460 billion. NASA may have started off with fireworks, parades and waving flags, but it's ending in a proverbial hospital bed with no budget attached to a life support system made in Russia. This is exactly as the Cabal intended from square one. On September 10th, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars of US Pentagon money had "vanished" and he very matter-of-factly blamed it on 'military spending.' The next day, nobody in the world would remember this little tid bit of information.  


I don't want to harp any longer about the money, but suffice it to say there have been AMPLE budgets over the past few decades to accomplish the impossible without the general public ever finding out about any of it. From a skeptical viewpoint this rules out money as a limiting factor in the existence of a secret space program. So that leads us to investigate the possibility of other limitations, such as logistical hurdles like people. A program of this magnitude would require not only thousands of personnel but thousands of people that could be effectively controlled and contained. I cannot envision the captain of a US Navy space fleet vessel grabbing his suitcase, kissing his wife and saying "I'm off to Mars for three years honey, don't wait up for me." We're talking about a separate 'breakaway' population of people who may have been brought into these programs as children, much like Corey Goode was. Being an empath, he was recruited into MILAB as a child in the hopes that his talent could be utilized while still being under control in a military type command structure. 

Randy Cramer, Secret Space Program whistleblower
Randy Cramer (aka: Captain Kaye), another recent whistleblower (born in 1970) was trained from the age of 4 to 17 years old as part of Project Mannequin (a global military supersoldier project). He later participated in Project Moonshadow (300 supersoldiers). This level of mind control would have been absolutely necessary for a program like this to even begin to work. According to Cramer, mind control after 1960 moved from MK Ultra (trauma-based) to Project Moonshadow (cooperative-based). Moonshadow’s aim was not to create faster, stronger killers, but faster, stronger and 'more moral' supersoldiers. One has to ask, how many others like Corey and Randy were recruited into these clandestine programs? There have been quite a few that have come forward over the past decade, but how many other people like them are out there quietly contemplating whether or not to come out of the dark?




Governments around the world, and the US government in particular, are lying to people on an unprecedented, colossal scale. People are running around worrying about things like the next American Idol and soaking up the nonstop fear-porn propaganda pumped out by the MSM, but meanwhile a Cabal-controlled portion of humanity with highly advanced technology is already actively colonizing space! Richard Dolan has referred to this as the "breakaway civilization." Randy Cramer states that he believes (but has not verified with personal experience) that we have colonies not just on the Moon and Mars, but throughout the solar system and perhaps further. There is the distinct possibility that at least part of this breakaway civilization has been in place and space-faring even before the 1940's. In recent years we have seen ex-military whistleblowers come forward who have claimed to see evidence of human-made advanced technology that pre-dates even our first alien crash retrievals, suggesting that there may have been highly advanced space-faring civilizations existing prior to ours. This raises many more questions than it answers and that's probably the topic of a totally different conversation, we're just focusing on the secret space program here.

What we do know for a fact is that there is a 'faction' on our planet with access to incredible technology which operates completely independent of any government or military oversight. They are comprised of nameless contractors employed by an as-yet-unseen shadow organization, this "Cabal" that Corey and Randy both refer to. While doing some research for this article I stumbled upon an interesting story posted in a popular alternative news message forum. The person posting the story was friends with a retired one-star Brigadier General who spent 33 years in the Air Force. They referred contract projects to each other and apparently worked closely together on different job sites. This retired General revealed to his friend that he spent time on duty at both Wright Patterson AFB and Groom Lake and admitted to having top secret clearance as well as a 'need to know' clearance into certain areas, as he referred to it. He said he saw hangers "larger than life" that were heavily guarded and many of his Air Force buddies told stories of seeing incredibly large hangers and underground facilities that were incomprehensibly huge. Most importantly, this ex-general stated that he believed these enormous underground hangers aren’t controlled by the US government, even though they are within a military base these facilities were controlled by an external group not related to the military. He added that the hangers were guarded by personnel with no insignia, no rank, and no affiliation with the Air Force. (Source)

I have heard this all before, not only from Sirius Disclosure project testimonies but from my own relationships with several ex-Air Force pilots. I once sketched out what I thought the top secret "Aurora" hypersonic aircraft looked like and showed it to my good friend who is a retired Air Force Colonel and fighter/bomber pilot. His reply was "it doesn't look like that." Sometimes the biggest reveal can come in the shortest statement, but I digress...



Gary McKinnon
Between February 2001 and March 2002 Gary McKinnon, a Scottish systems administrator, hacked into 97 different US military and NASA computers from his girlfriends house in London under the handle "Solo." In true Object Report Agent fashion his ultimate goal was to uncover evidence of UFOs and suppressed advanced technology. What he found would turn his initial '6-months of community service' judgement into extradition to the United States and 70 years in prison. Gary said he was inspired by Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure project. Greer brought together a number of very credible witnesses to testify in front of the Washington National Press Club that they had knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial visitation and a secret space program. One of the witnesses, an ex-Air Force Sergeant named Karl Wolfe, spoke about pictures from space being purposely altered at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. McKinnon hacked into Johnson’s computer systems and said he found a high definition picture of a large cigar shaped craft over the northern hemisphere. The file was 235 megabytes and difficult to view on his computer since he was on a 57k dial-up connection using a VPN connection in Windows XP. He lowered the bit-depth down to 4-bit so the image would load quicker and saw a spacecraft of some type that he was unfortunately unable to save. 

The most controversial bit of information McKinnon uncovered came when he hacked into US Space Command systems. He claims to have found an Excel document that listed "non-terrestrial officers" and "ship to ship transfers" in a Naval fleet that does not exist. When pressed to recall names of the ships he saw listed, Gary remembered two: the USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter. If this is true, the names are very significant, as is the "USSS" designation. All of this information points to the existence of an 'off world' fleet of Naval vessels and only serves to bolster the information Corey and Randy have recently brought to light. Was the spacecraft Gary saw part of the alleged "Solar Warden" space fleet program that has come to light in recent years? 

Illustrative rendering based upon eyewitness input © Copyright 2015 | High-Resolution Image

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter was the first director of the CIA, and was also a member of a UFO research organization, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). In 1960 the New York Times reported that Hillenkoetter had sent a letter to Congress that included this statement: "Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense." Although Hillenkoetter fought for the end of UFO secrecy, he eventually stopped commenting on the matter. Alleged secret documents that were leaked to UFO researchers list Hillenkoetter as a member of the infamous Majestic 12 group, an organization rumored to have been made up of high ranking military officers and civilians created by President Truman to initially manage the UFO issue.
So, what we are seeing with all of these people coming out of the black-world is what I've been saying would eventually happen for years now. The leaky faucet of disclosure is getting leakier! We're seeing more and more people coming forward out of the darkness and amazingly some of them are being allowed to do so by the powers that be. Randy Cramer claimed that he was given permission by his commanding officer to go public with his information, which suggests that the Cabal realizes that this is the ideal way for them to allow leakage of the truth without losing face and triggering social unrest. This is a slow pressure release engineered to gradually acclimate the masses to the concept of extraterrestrials and, ultimately, these secret space programs that have been in operation for over 50 years. 

Believe me when I say that there is much, MUCH more going on behind the scenes than we are privy to. I enjoy delving into the nuts and bolts of a topic and that is what I hoped to do here. The bottomline is: there are multiple secret space programs in operation, we are FAR from alone in the universe and we have been lied to for as long as we can remember. It is time for all of us to wake up as a collective consciousness and acknowledge what is going on and the information that is being revealed to us all.

Agent K

Sunday, August 30, 2015


We have not posted many links to David Wilcock's material on the Object Report in the past. Unfortunately, I believe Wilcock makes a first impression that likely rubs some people the wrong way and serves as a great example of why it's perhaps advisable to restrict your online persona to two letters and a small black and white avatar - so the message is not eventually diminished by one's internet ego. Of course, I am joking but there is a little truth to this and I think David Wilcock has a strong presence and an aggressive approach to UFO/ET investigation. Ironically, this is exactly what is needed as there is not much in the way of tangible evidence forthcoming in UFO detective work and thus people tend to become fixated with the messenger. Like a destitute, toothless, gold miner in the middle of a creek, one might only uncover a micro-gram of evidence but certainly will dig up mountains of hearsay and speculation - thus having a showmanship talent is needed to continually spread the word so to speak. To get a alot of things right in the UFO/ET internet information game you have to get a few things wrong. Skeptics and detractors descend upon the few things you get wrong and focus on nothing else thereafter. UFO peers will generally sit on the sideline and watch how you execute maneuvers from your play book. I do recall one of the early instances that rubbed me the wrong way - the comparison of Wilcock to the famous paranormal writer from the 19th century, Edgar Cayce. There is even an image of Cayce's photograph side by side with Wilock's photograph, and this did not sit well with me - it smacked of privilege and destiny. Wilcock later on clarifies this Edgar Cayce comparison in such a well worded manner, it lead me to believe some of the negativity surrounding Wilcock might be just cruel gossip.

Fast forward to the present - Agent K made David Wilcock the Object Report headline and understandably many are wondering what the F is going on? In a nutshell, just because David Wilcock has been, let's say, flamboyant and aggressive in the past does not mean he cannot have struck gold. David is prolific and he covers a lot of ground and is not afraid to put out a lot of material for fear of getting one or two items incorrect. This is a reasonable approach to UFOlogy research writing and he has stuck with his M.O. for many decades. Corey Goode has stated that he picked David to debrief him on his MILAB involvement because of this vast, breathless involvement Wilcock has with all things ET and Paranormal related and I believe that was a brilliant and obvious choice. These two go together like bowling balls and holes. Wilcock is the typical UFO author who is exhausted chasing the leprechaun, depleted from constant ridicule and worn down from the never ending sandblasting of propaganda. Corey Goode is the elusive UFO anti-particle, and likewise Corey is equally exhausted from decades of involvement with MILAB and on pins and needles, knowing there is no turning back now - he's made himself into a sort of UFO superhero and he needs a wing-man to kick some cabal ass. Well, I'm not even sure I believe in a cabal or Illuminati and many people might be surprised to hear Agent D say that. My logic is that members of a cabal would die out eventually, humans live short lives and I just didn't see a global organization composed of a bunch of crusty, bitter billionaires staying so secret and hidden and alive long enough to live up to the legend of the expression "cabal". However, if we swap the word "cabal" with its close inbred cousin "mafia" then one can sink teeth into the idea and it seems more realistic. I can see several mafia type organizations loosely coordinating with other global mafia corporations to control humanity in refined, established ways. US Presidents have mentioned aliens (Reagan) and the Military-Industrial-Complex (Eisenhower) and we know the Federal Reserve is fishy business and Whitley Streiber (The Key) has had Visitors confirm there is a SSP (Secret Space Program) in place as well as off world colonies. So, with these PERPS in mind, we do have loose circumstantial evidence of a "cabal" that influences humanity in negative ways using unseen technology. The notion of a cabal was even written in by Mel Brooks in the famous 1960's comedy TV series "Get Smart" in which the term "Cabal" was swapped with the subtle inference "KAOS".

Now Corey Goode has defected from the Dark Side and is bringing beer and bucket loads of ultra-black fried critters for us to gorge on. For Agent K and Agent D, the initial exposure to Corey Goode has cooked several of our brain fuses and we were left standing in place with our heads smoking trying to determine what just hit us. After the initial elation of listening to the rivoting interview of Wilcock and Corey Goode we have posted as the TOR headline, the hangover morning after, it slowly sunk in that I.....just might....shudder... find something in Corey Goode's online blog that would ruin the dream and bring reality crashing back down. Perhaps I would find some ridiculous or flagrant bit of information known to be terrestrial bullshit based upon our vast agent files. However, I spent several days reviewing all of the material from Goode that is on the internet and though I read hours and hours of impossibly surreal details, I could not find any revelation that was not somehow correlated to something another eyewitness or something a fellow UFO/ET author has said. With a subsequent YouTube video I found of an earlier interview, I thought perhaps Corey and David might implode instantly with the notorious "Planet X" Nibiru theory that makes me want to cringe and puke every time I hear it. However, Goode clarified (phewwww) that he knew nothing of a "Planet X" and went on to elaborate that there is likely a brown dwarf that was once part of an earlier binary star system which eventually became the one sol system we live in today. His speculation that binary star systems are common for life bearing planets has been mentioned from other reliable sources and Goode's delivery of information in almost every instance exceeds the level of some clever, money seeking writer simply regurgitating information in an effort to "keep up" with questions being put forth. Goode not only answers questions quickly, he takes the original question one step further with several layers of information he lays out in a perfect, detached tempo. With everything he has presented I cannot find evidence of superficial trickery. In fact, Corey Goode emanates a sullen sort of depression that one would expect from an ex-spook who has caught glimpse of the vast universe that has so far been veiled from humanity as the "great experiment" comes to a closure.

The singular aspect of Corey Goode that has me convinced he is the real deal, is his reluctant yet persistent message that humanity must become less violent, more "service to others" oriented and we must incorporate love into our quantum co-creative consciousness. Believe me, no UFO blogger or whistle blower wants to put this "love" message out as priority. I do confess however, I would expect nothing less of ultimate cosmic contact than for a finale that reveals benevolent beings to be in charge of our cosmic comedy. I'm not certain why this would be a disappointment for many UFO readers, I can only assume that many of us are skeptical of the idea that some form of Jesus, religion, some old-school God is running the show and I would be worried too, because I'm not a fan of organized religion and redneck bible thumping preachers. However, the facts and reality point to a more complex, infinite holographic matrix that is dominated by multiple benevolent supreme beings who believe in free will and are desperate to protect this great experiment of humanity to see if humanoids will "reach the light" as it were and come out of a state of greed, war and evil on their own. This is all a mind game. Specifically, it is a holographic mind game and we seem to be sleeping gods existing in a holodeck, hologram that by default runs and runs forever in two directions - toward dark destruction - or toward expansion and light. I'm not suggesting everyone light candles and hang up iconography of Saint Goode, but things are looking rather convincing so far and I hope all of you will stay tuned into this thread as events unfold.

- Agent D

Copyright Images and Credits:
Corey Goode interviewed by David Wilcock on Gaiam TV 
MILAB Small Gray Encounter, rendering by Agent D
MILAB Gray Alien Cigar Ship, rendering by Agent D

David Wilcock Official Site
Corey Goode Blog 

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Second Coming - Lord Emmanuel

Do I have your attention with the headline of this Special Report? The title of this article and this proposition within is so massive and surreal, in the beginning it seemed impossible to type anything reasonable and coherent. I'm very aware that many of you out there, reading these Special Reports recently are wondering what Agent D is up to, metaphorically scratching your heads and thinking perhaps I need an intervention, a deprogramming in a room with close friends, some bottled water and a mattress on the floor. Just assume that like yourself,  I was weary of someone sitting in a chair with their eyes closed speaking in this tone claiming to be a conduit for a supreme being. Let me caution you once again - be careful with your assumptions regarding how ET-Human contact will unfold. Although this is the biggest Object Report headline theoretically possible, this can be thought of as a breaking development that will continue on with more activity, additional YouTube videos that you can follow over time and gain traction with through repeated observation, This is not a one-off phenomenon or fad, thus if you need convincing - there is and there will be plenty of material that can do so with ease. Most people will click away and assume this is not real material, but the proof you need will be stretched out over time as these transmissions will not be stopping. How do we know they will not be stopping? Because KRYON has been speaking through Lee Carroll for over twenty years and Bashar the Essassani ET has been transmitting through Daryl Anka for thirty years. No one has ever proven either Lee or Daryl to be hoaxers or to be making the material up - on the contrary KRYON and Bashar have gained a massive worldwide audience with their reality shattering YouTube transmissions.

I started researching UFO sightings and ET stories way back in 1992 and began investigating full time with Agent K in 1996 so the Object Report is 20 years of non-stop researching between two professional artists. I mention our profession because I want to emphasize that two artists duct taped together make one hell of a bull-shit detector, as well as a great forward-looking sensor of what is on the horizon and we have noticed over the years a subtle, constant thread that weaves through the ET Contact Phenomenon and I believe dedicated Object Report readers are beginning to likewise absorb this after so many years of being saturated within incoming waves of dimensional shift. Agent K and I both came upon Suzanna through meticulous research and a connecting of the dots over the last few years. Reaching Suzanna's site is the result of literally hundreds of hours of conversation between the Agents (and associates) as we evaluated the flood of channeling transmissions. There is a confederation of beings tasked with overseeing the slow contact phase and these beings are in full communication with those who will listen via bio-transceivers and YouTube appears to be the primary format of exchange. Transmitting in parallel with the confederation are master beings and highest consciousness beings such as KRYON.

ET Contact is not (only) about UFOs, machines and technology. It's about conscious beings interacting with other conscious beings. With one culture meeting another culture for the very first time, there is language and protocol for first contact. Thus if the aliens are truly here, they will be executing cultural exchange protocol via standard language and established communication venues. Do we see signs of this protocol being engaged? Yes, we do and the alien methodology is so refined and evolved many have difficulty accepting the transmission has been switched on. Suzanna is not the only extra-dimensional channel, there are other bio-transceivers speaking and delivering messages from high-level extraterrestrials. This is, however the most exciting development to date and it began just about a year ago, so here you and I are, witnessing something absolutely huge and profound kick off, right now. Transmissions from the absolute highest level of consciousness in the Multiverse coming through at this juncture supports the notion that humanity is out of its quarantine period and expanding into deep, profound contact with their galactic family. So who is this Sovereign Lord that is again in contact with humans? 

I say where there is smoke there is fire. Isn't there a massive amount of smoke surrounding the question of Jesus? The Roman Catholic Church (A LOT of people who believe in the idea of Jesus) is the largest organized institution in the world with an estimated 1.2 billion members. So there is a little smoke around the idea of a Jesus, that's a strong mathematical statistic to start any argument off with. The modern day, techno-intellectual consensus is logical and conclusive in regards to the true, original transmissions projected through the trance channeler, Jesus of Nazareth. We have enough evidence in the form of lost, fragmented ancient text that can be pieced together on the archaeology tables - that widens the perspective on this larger than life figure and the evidence suggests that he pushed an extremely Buddhist, zen-like message of self awareness and quantum hologram reality based existence in his transmissions.

The crystal clear - service to others oriented message of this chosen, quantum bio-transceiver was, as we all well know, eventually, slightly distorted and humanity slowly lost its way when they began worshiping the messenger instead of putting the highest value on their own existence. Let's be clear, it is fine to have great admiration for the man Jesus and respect for his efforts, however the personality aspect of our human continuum that craves leadership, power and control over others has over thousands of years and generations manipulated the simple, zen, quantum physics oriented ideas Jesus channeled and these dark figures diluted the crux of the message until it was suitably convoluted and could be used as a tool for mass population control. In many ways it's the old-school, original, CIA black-ops twisted-truth-tactic conveniently passed off from leader to leader like a family heirloom, low hanging fruit for the power hungry to control the troublesome surfs. Why does dogma have so much inherent power and human population control by default? Because it is low grade distraction cut with just enough pure, quantum, cosmic truth to gain entry into the head, past the blood brain barrier, entering into the cell membranes, penetrating directly into the nucleus and scrambling the very DNA. This all seems like a sad joke, but don't miss the punchline. Don't get up out of your chairs and head for the doors just yet, the show is not over. The aah haa gasp from the crowd will be heard when it comes to light that the original transmissions were distorted very early on by greedy elites who were wealthy enough to centralize and control information dispersal. Alas, in this modern age, no one central system can control information and conceal it, any longer. Those days are over and gone as of right now. The organized religion fallacies and distortions that breathed and existed through centralized media and information control for thousands of years are being vaporized to ash under the light of the electronic age and the intense radiation of digital and global connection of fresh human minds. Why is it important to sift out the truth from the ancient distraction now? Because it swivels our heads back around to the idea of a constant, quantum beacon of compassion and intelligence being broadcast from a timeless quantum sea. In this NOW, through Suzanna we are getting pure, uncut data direct from the source! The ultra-high level truths from super consciousness are once again penetrating our airwaves, radiating out like beams from a lighthouse that cannot be smashed by the crashing waves of time and entropy. 

So dogma has proven itself to be a near disaster for humankind but what about the idea of a man named Jesus and his channeled information? There is no doubt a man named Jesus existed, it's not a matter of belief, his existence is proven fact and to think otherwise is simple ignorance. Intelligent, thinking humans should however, be repulsed at the idea of worshiping the messenger. We know exactly who and what he was with our current internet collective consciousness and thousands of man-hours of PhD level, field research, all available with a few flicks of the wrist. Don't forget the sheer power of the grid you are linked to, the artificial intelligence network that you, I and the other readers are wired into right this very nanosecond. We are engaged with a network of conscious data via the internet, and it's akin to strapping on an IQ booster cap each time you open up a web browser. Instant information to the best, statistical consensus and this digital brain is expanding exponentially every millisecond. Any question you have about any subject is answered instantly and leads to another series of questions in a cascading domino effect of mass revelation. The internet is a primordial artificial intelligence machine. It's trillions of images on tap and trillions of ideas, with an endless volume of videos and music and data and it is expanding and for all we know will indeed one day become sentient. The growth of technology is so sublime and exponential, the true power it possesses is lost on most people. We are a savvy generation and we are plugged in and can take on vast ideas now via the digital matrix. The collective IQ power of the internet allows us to take on such heady ideas as quantum reality and life after death and the distortions of human history, the future -- everything is on the table! As I've said before, and I want you to think about the power of this statement, the ET's have hacked into the internet and it's expanding in a quantum level fashion as part of the initial cultural exchange protocol talked about above. This is not just about moving forward with big ideas - it's also about the very shell of our reality expanding outward and growing larger - large enough to encompass the notion of contact with other star beings, other conscious beings like us existing via the mass of fusion driven star light. We are also interacting with beings in dimensions that are outside this Universe and our star light quantum constant. Many of these beings that exist in another dimension correspondingly exist within exponential higher levels of conscious energy. 

Every living, breathing, conscious human being is a bio-transceiver of quantum-level information and this capacity is a result of having a soul. A soul is a quantum footprint, outside of time-space. I'd like to think that I have a quantum footprint and that the mere fact of being quantum-based is linked by default to hyper-infinity and thus some realm of perpetual joy. I know the premise of this quantum soul possibility is indeed fact because I myself had a vivid remote-viewing experience several years ago and found myself coming out of a nap, on my side, in bed with my eyes closed, looking around a room that was somewhere else. I was not dreaming, in fact I kept my eyes closed and began describing to my wife what was happening in words, I was tapped into some sort of mass-less, quantum transmission - looking around a strange room. When I say looking around a room, I mean my eyes were closed and was looking up to the ceiling, left and right. I was awake and calm enough to think about using 3D perspective and knew that looking around would reveal if this were not a dream or retinal-transmission aberration. During this remote viewing episode I could move my attention away from an object, look to the other side of the room and then back after a few seconds to the the previous part of the room and what was out of my field of vision, came back into my field of vision as it was before, as if my mind's eye was connected to a camera somewhere else. What was the point of such an experience? It never happened before and hasn't happened again since. I think it was someone or something giving me a brief experience of the impossible, so that when it comes to writing a special report like this, I am not hesitant or timid or apologetic - I lay it out with the conviction that comes from cold, hard experience. In this remote-viewing experience, my field of vision was not great, it seemed as though I could only move my point of view to the left, right or top and bottom as much as a person sitting perfectly still and not moving their head would be able to see. This was a big experience, so of course after I had the experience I certainly had no problem with the idea of ETs and higher beings transmitting their distant thoughts and wisdom through a human being from someplace else. Yes this is weird, but get over the weird factor and wade into the deep end which is where things get really interesting.

In my previous special report Hyper-Infinity, I touched on the nature and origins of channeling, "Linguistics is not an issue for anyone wishing to hear the messages bleeding through the 4th dimensional rupture, because hyper-infinity has produced a perfect, instantaneous, quantum communication matrix that spans all space and time and dimensions and this matrix is conscious beings - what could be more simple? This is verified by ancient text, as Jesus, Buddha, Moses and all other founders of what we would call religion. In this digital internet age with our global, collective consciousness - we can now see, these were mere humans being used as bio-transmitters to bleed through trans-dimensional messages. Some of the messages have been thoroughly twisted and altered over thousands of years as the white noise desperately tries to plug the holes of reality in order to maintain stasis and balance. Their dimensional transmissions this time around are tailored for our contemporary times yet are embedded within the universal mathematical constant that drives infinity."

The idea of a "Second Coming of The Lord" in most people's imagination is some mythical being in a glowing white robe, descending from the heavens in clouds - possibly Jesus himself. Is this intentional misdirection? Likely it is misinterpretation of a more subtle, practical statement that has been (surprise) taken out of context and this very concept is spoken of in Suzanna's videos. That original source energy, the supreme being who transmitted through the channeler Jesus is speaking again through a human channel, this time through a woman so the information is being downloaded, decoded and spoken with a female essence. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel states in her videos, as part of the internet collective consciousness, that she is THE voice for Lord Emmanuel. Lord Emmanuel being the advanced intelligence speaking through the channeler Jesus, 2000 years ago. She also channels KRYON, a supreme being tasked with ascension across multiple Universes and realms. Once again, the hurtling biosphere spaceship called Earth is coming upon a timeless, quantum beacon parked within infinity, that begins to broadcast to those arriving near the sacred buoy. The transmission is from a reality that does share the same physics we have here in this material Universe, it's that profound and strange. As such, this eternal quantum message which pervades the holographic, fractal crystalline matrix of existence is picked up by living bio-transceivers. But not just any living being, the deepest, most powerful levels of transmission must pass through a fractal reality being that is in a karma-free state; which I personally take to mean that this connection is akin to super-conductivity. The message has a low noise to signal ratio. The transmission is, quite literally loud and clear, we have another chosen bio-transceiver, decoding, relaying and dispersing a timeless, universal message, a navigational assist and in this modern day the message precedes increasingly intense revelations of ET existence, contact and our true human history. It is in a sense, a second coming or more accurately a second transmission from the Highest Being in the Multiverse. But this is not about worshiping the messenger in the sky - it's about getting our collective minds back on track and regaining our focus on the true nature of reality and the benefits of conscious existence. 

Humans always crave physical proof or at the least a promise of tangible results. If the Lord of the Universe is transmitting again through a chosen human being, surely something grand must be afoot. Suzanna herself stays perfectly still in a chair and speaks non-stop without a fault or pause for over an hour, video after video after video after video. From a physiological point of view - it is an impressive, super human feat that is repeated over and over. The messages themselves are even more mind blowing. Will there be more than speaking and wisdom? Will there be a ground shaking, physical, manifestation of sorts as these transmissions continue? "Only time will tell" is an applicable expression here with this recently activated trans-dimensional transmission, and indeed the message coming through Suzanna itself, indicates or more accurately reveals a time space preview - we all will (over time) witness an explosion of popularity of Suzanna and her transmissions and anyone reading this now will witness her popularity going from a few hundred internet hits to millions upon millions of global listeners and a vast, dedicated audience over the coming years. You will be able to say, you listened to the transmissions at the very beginning, back in 2015

- Agent D

Image credits:
The Last Temptation of Christ, Universal Pictures
Forensic Face of Jesus by BBC Photo Library